Friday, July 2, 2010

Olea Europaea

Intriguing discovery of the evening: cats like olive oil as much as catnip. Recently I've been on a homemade/chemical-free/make your own "beauty" products kick and started using a small amount of organic extra virgin olive oil as an after-shower moisturizer. It doesn't leave a smell which is pretty neat, at least not one that your standard homo sapiens sapiens can pick up on.

Tonight as I was doing yoga (an excellent sleep aid for any having trouble in that area), my cat wouldn't leave me alone. Apparently Felis catus (yes that's really the scientific name for kitteh) can smell olive oil. At least it seems that way. The best part was that my cat avoided my left arm, where I had used the last of my previous lotion and not olive oil. While I'm not about to lose any sleep over it (ha!), I'd love to find out what it is about olive oil that makes it so attractive (to all species).